Saturday, October 3, 2015

Surprisingly I agree with AKC.  Honestly, I don't really like a lot of what AKC stands for; but on this topic, they are doing the right thing.

The issue is participation in their organization vs. suspension (or ban) for a person convicted of animal neglect and abuse.

There is such a person presently known to some in the flyball commnunity, convicted in her community for animal abuse and neglect which resulted in her dog's cruel and inhumane death.  The person's name is public knowledge; it is Carla Thomas, also known as Carla Parravani. 

The AKC suspended Ms. Thomas, aka Ms. Parravani, in a public newsletter in 2013 (source:

Her 15-year suspension was accompanied by a $3,000 fine according to the newsletter.  Quote:  "...from all AKC privileges for fifteen years and imposed a $3000 fine, for conduct prejudicial to purebred dogs, purebred dog events, or to the best interests of the American Kennel Club...Inappropriate Treatment Policy...". 

In addition to her AKC affiliation Ms. Thomas, aka Ms. Parravani, is also involved in dog sports such as flyball.  The AKC is loosely affiliated with NAFA flyball because the AKC now recognizes and publishes NAFA flyball titles for it's AKC members.  

Here is the follow-up to my last blog post with the outcome of my inquiries with the AKC, NAFA and U-FLI in regard to Ms. Thomas, aka Ms. Parravani, current and future participation in each organization as it relates to the sport of flyball.

AKC flyball titles:

"The AKC will not issue an AKC title to an individual suspended from the AKC if a title application were received."

NAFA flyball participation:

"As an independent organization NAFA reserves the right to determine the type and length of any disciplinary action in regards to competing in our sport.  I feel that the length of Carla's suspension was appropriate for her actions and the BoD agreed.  You are free to generate your own personal opinion however this will be my final conversation regarding this matter."

U-FLI participation:

"....It was a sticky, controversial situation that U-FLI became involved with regarding Carla's alleged abuse/neglect..."

The AKC suspension is still in effect and will be until approximately 2028.  In NAFA, the suspension is lifted.  In U-FLI, the suspension is lifted.  I wish NAFA and U-FLI would follow AKC's example.  The integrity of the flyball community deserves no less.

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